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Black Sea Puzzles

Puzzle Black Sea Premium 1000 pieces - Magical Flowers

Puzzle Black Sea Premium 1000 pieces - Magical Flowers

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Puzzle box size: 37 x 28 x 5.5 cm

Puzzle size: 68.3 x 48 cm

Puzzle thickness: 2.25 mm

Weight: 0.9 kg

Country of manufacture: Poland

Author: Leonid Afremov

SKU: TYPZ0012569N

Barcode: 3800234912530

Code: BS72212

The artist's brush has captured the scent of summer, gathered in a bouquet and sealed in a painting. Every colored stroke, thin line and light and shadow are in perfect harmony. A moment of perfection as a memory of the beauty of nature, recreated by the unique style of Leonid Afremov. Leonid Afremov is a contemporary impressionist of Russian-Israeli origin; he was born in Belarus. His works are known for his unique technique of using a palette knife with oils. After he moved to the USA, he started selling his paintings on eBay. Afremov paints mostly landscapes, urban scenes, flowers and portraits in bright, vivid colours.
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