Puzzle Black Sea Premium

The puzzles are cut in a classic shape from high-quality cardboard with a thickness of 2.25 mm. You get a beautiful picture after you assemble them. Additionally, the pieces fit together seamlessly, ensuring a satisfying puzzle-building experience every time.

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Puzzle Black Sea - 500pcs

500 piece puzzles are a great option for those who enjoy a moderate challenge and want to complete a puzzle in a reasonable amount of time. These puzzles typically measure around 18 x 24 inches when completed and are suitable for both beginners and experienced puzzlers. They often feature beautiful and intricate designs, such as scenic landscapes, colorful cityscapes, or whimsical illustrations.

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Mini Puzzles - 54 pieces

Puzzles with 54 pieces represent an excellent choice for puzzle enthusiasts who seek entertainment and challenge. They are large enough to offer interesting details and require a bit of patience, but at the same time small enough to be completed within a reasonable time frame.

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Why you should choose Black Sea puzzles

  • Wide variety of puzzles

  • Quality puzzles

  • Competitive prices

  • Fast and reliable delivery