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Black Sea Puzzles

Puzzle Black Sea Premium 1000 pieces - Grandma's Table

Puzzle Black Sea Premium 1000 pieces - Grandma's Table

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Puzzle box size: 37 x 28 x 5.5 cm

Puzzle size: 68.3 x 48 cm

Puzzle thickness: 2.25 mm

Weight: 0.9 kg

Country of manufacture: Poland

Author: Sandra Aleksieva

SKU: TYPZ0012571N

Barcode: 3800234912554

Code: BS32202

Grandma’s table is cluttered with amazing dishes. The room is filled with an aroma of coziness and warmth. Banitsa, sarmi, stuffed peppers - all those traditional tastes that take us back to our childhood and the summers, spent with grandma. The bright colors of the table attract the eyes, the magical taste caresses the palate and takes us on a journey among the memories of home. Sandra Aleksieva is a gourmet blogger with rich experience in creating, styling, filming and promoting dishes that delight not only the palate but also the eye. She is a chef and the face of the culinary site 1001 recipes. She runs gourmet rubrics/columns in a number of print and online editions.
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