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Black Sea Puzzles

Puzzle Black Sea 2000 pieces - Tzar Simeon 1 the Great

Puzzle Black Sea 2000 pieces - Tzar Simeon 1 the Great

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Puzzle box size: 37 x 27 x 5.4 cm

Puzzle size: 96.6 x 68.8 cm

Puzzle thickness: 2.25 mm

Weight: 1.1 kg

Country of manufacture: Germany





Tzar Simeon I the Great is a Bulgarian ruler; he reigned from 893 to 927. Simeon the Great is the symbol of power, strength and cultural prosperity. His skillful home and foreign policies, along with his masterful military strategy not only expanded Bulgaria’s territory but also made the country the strongest in Eastern Europe of its time. It had outlets on three seas and experienced a cultural upsurge that became known as the Golden Age, setting Simeon’s rule as an example of dignity and honour. Dimitar Gyudzhenov is a Bulgarian painter born in 1891 in the town of Stara Zagora. His paintings are mostly on the military and historical themes and are often used in encyclopedias and educational literature. His works praise the glorious history of Bulgaria and receive nationwide respect and recognition. Other heroic rulers painted by Dimitar Gyudzhenov are Khan Asparuh, Khan Krum, Khan Kubrat, Tzar Boris I and many more.
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