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How to choose the right puzzle

Puzzles can be a great way to spend leisure time and have fun with loved ones. But how can you select the best puzzle for you? This article will provide tips for picking the right puzzle and offer estimated completion times for puzzles with varying numbers of pieces.

Beginners should choose a puzzle size based on their experience. Starting with smaller sizes is recommended as it allows for an enjoyable experience without feeling overwhelmed. More experienced individuals can opt for larger sizes.

Select an image that appeals to you. The most crucial factor is choosing an image that you enjoy. You may choose a favorite image or one that reminds you of a fond memory. The image will inspire you to continue working on the puzzle.

Choose a high-quality puzzle. Inexpensive puzzles are often made of flimsy cardboard, making them prone to warping and breaking. Durable puzzles are denser, sturdier, and can withstand multiple uses.

Once you've chosen the right puzzle, you may be curious about how long it will take to complete. The time required to finish the puzzle depends on several factors such as your experience, puzzle complexity, and the number of pieces. Here are rough estimates for puzzle completion times based on piece count:

  • 54-piece puzzle: approximately 30 minutes to an hour
  • 1000-piece puzzle: around 8 to 10 hours
  • 2000-piece puzzle: roughly 20 to 25 hours.
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