Ruchenitsa – 1000 pcs Puzzle

Pieces: 1000Size: 48 x 68 cmAuthor: Jan MrkvickaRef. number: BS42055EAN: 3800234910055


James D. Bourchier, a correspondent for The Times in Bulgaria, was a vivid fan of the country. Perhaps it was fate that brought him together with two other distinguished men in the tavern in the village of Bistritsa: famous Czech-born painter Jan Mrkvicka and brave Bulgarian general Vladimir Vazov. This is how one of the best-known images of the Bulgarian spirit and folklore was born. Bourchier is among the few Europeans that championed the Bulgarian cause and created a positive image of the Bulgarian people for the world. He was the only foreigner to be buried at the Rila.

The puzzle consists of 1000 pieces. Its dimensions when finished are 48 x 68 cm.

Inside the box you will find:

  • 1000 puzzle pieces
  • A poster (size 34 x 48 cm) with the puzzle image


Born in the Austrian Empire, painter Jan Mrkvicka left a bright mark in the Bulgarian arts after the Liberation. He arrived in the city of Plovdiv at just 25 years of age to teach arts. Besides his main occupation as a teacher he left an invaluable cultural heritage that symbolizes his immense love for Bulgaria. In his art he focuses chiefly on the rural way of life but he took part in the development of almost all genres of painting: portrait, historical painting, landscape, still life.