Make a Wish – 1000 pcs Puzzle

Pieces: 1000Size: 48 x 68 cmAuthor: Miroslav YotovRef. number: BS22112EAN: 3800234910512


When you take the magic lamp in your hands, you can open all doors before you. Fame, wealth, immortality? Anything you think of today can become a reality tomorrow. All you need to do is make a wish.

The puzzle consists of 1000 pieces. Its dimensions when finished are 48 x 68 cm.

Inside the box you will find:

  • 1000 puzzle pieces
  • A poster (size 34 x 48 cm) with the puzzle image


Miroslav Yotov is a contemporary Bulgarian artist known for his masterful works in the genres historical realism, surrealism, abstract and still life. His paintings transport us back in time to the glorious Bulgarian history. Miroslav has painted many Bulgarian rulers; among them are the khans Kubrat, Asparuh, Tervel, Omurtag and many more. He sees himself as warm grey with spots of light gold.