Kukeri – 1000 pcs Puzzle

Pieces: 1000Size: 48 x 68 cmAuthor: Kaloyan StoyanovSeries: Black Sea PremiumRef. number: BS42207EAN: 3800234912684


The ancient Bulgarian custom of chasing away evil spirits does not always look scary and diabolical. The Bulgarian maiden enchants the evil forces with her feminine charm and bewitching look which radiates confidence and power. The evil spirits do not stand a chance against the immeasurable beauty and power of the Bulgarian tradition and people. Once this multicoloured puzzle decorates your wall, your home will be filled with prosperity and harmony.


Kaloyan Stoyanov is a well-known young Bulgarian artist. He graduated from the Digital Arts MA programme at the National Academy of Art in Sofia; his social media profile, Stoyanov art, is widely known and popular. He took up painting professionally 12 years ago and applied his talent to spheres such as the film and gaming industries; in recent years his personal projects on themes from the Bulgarian folklore draw the art-lovers’ attention. His illustrations are warm and colourful, and they bring along memories and messages from the centuries-old history of Bulgaria.