Dinner table for Christmas Eve – 1000 pcs Puzzle

Pieces: 1000Size: 48 x 68 cmAuthor: Sandra AleksievaSeries: Black Sea PremiumRef. number: BS32204EAN: 3800234912646


Tradition dictates that the Christmas Eve dinner table be plentiful and laden with an odd number of dishes, as prepared by the deft hands of each housewife. One frame is all it takes for the culinary blogger Sandra Aleksieva to convey us into family coziness and festive atmosphere. She presents to us the dishes characteristic of this feast, capturing with her lens the fragrance of each spice and their authentic, irresistible taste.


Sandra Aleksieva is a gourmet blogger with rich experience in creating, styling, filming and promoting dishes that delight not only the palate but also the eye. She is a chef and the face of the culinary site 1001 recipes. She runs gourmet rubrics/columns in a number of print and online editions.