Bombardment of Algiers – 2000 pcs Puzzle

Pieces: 2000Size: 68.8 x 96.6 cmAuthor: George ChambersRef. number: BS72120EAN: 3800234911502


Sometimes the cost of justice is enormous – thousands of victims fall in her name and there have been many bloody and devastating battles. The painting of George Chambers shows a battle in the name of justice and the freedom of over 1000 christians enslaved by Algerian pirates. The astounding detail, the masterful strokes of the brush, and the historical authenticity take you back 200 years when this massive naval battle took place. The angry sea, the fiery explosions, the powerful battleships and the fearless captains – the painting is a chronicle of the historical moment.
Now you have the chance to hang this multilayered masterpiece in the form of a puzzle and discover a new detail everyday.


George Chambers is an english maritime artist born in a working-class area in Yorkshire in the family of a seaman in 1803. One of his most famous works is the ‘set-piece’ The Bombardment of Algiers, 1816 by Lord Exmouth, commissioned by the admiral’s friends for the Naval Gallery.